From the new Italian brand, Professor, Garbo hit me immediately with its similarity to a couple of feminine fragrances from the last decade featuring a sweet tuberose note – the well-known, loud, and extrovert Good Girl (Carolina Herrera) and the less famous, more restrained but still remarkable White Tubereuse (Reminiscence.) But the reason why I fell in love with Garbo (the Italian word for “grace”, “courtesy”) lies in its multifaceted personality: After greeting me with the bubblegum-fruity nuance of tuberose mixed with the gourmand accents from almond and coffee – a joyful, girly burst of “pink” hues comes to mind – it turns more profound by acquiring a slight soapy and mossy quality as if the composition grew up and became somewhat quiet, reflective, and formal, although still delectable thanks to its cocoa-nutty nuances.

by Lucia Remigi ( Fragrantica writer & editor )