Maria Celeste Lombardo, creative perfume, works for Moellhausen spa, a company that produces and distributes worldwide basic ingredients and speciality chemicals: unique materials for creating fragrances.


Which fragrance are you most attached to?

Albore is a very special fragrance that I cherish because this niche perfume through complex teamwork has recreated the smell of nectarine and the smell of mango.

It is special therefore because it gives the wearer a unique olfactory experience, Made in Italy.


What are the characteristics of a perfume maker also known as a 'nose'?

Patience, curiosity, a lot of olfactory training, a lot of knowledge to get to know all the olfactory families in an excellent way and a pinch of intuition does not hurt. 

The result of my work is the creation of elite fragrances: refined, persistent scents that give rise to artistic perfumery.


Can you reveal a favourite 'ingredient' of yours?

A wood that I like very much and that I often use in my creations: sandalwood (the perfume that will be very trendy this autumn).

This ingredient has the particularity of being very creamy, very rounded. It goes well with many other natural ingredients such as rose, for example.



What does the reading of a scent depend on?

The processing of a scent by our brain is a process influenced by our knowledge,

but above all by our culture: where we have lived, what we have surrounded ourselves with.



Where do you recommend wearing perfume?

To try to have a more prolonged and persistent effect, we recommend wearing the perfume on fabrics and not on the skin.


Do you have any other curiosities?

Perfume is a precious gift and lends charm to the wearer.


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